Chairman of the Kentish Arts Festival Des Brown has announced joint Ambassadors for the International Mural Fest 2018 will be Tasmania’s world-renown young achiever in Campbell of Project 365 and his mother Sonya Whittaker.

“ Our International Mural Fest attracts attention from artists and the arts community from around the world. The Committee is delighted to have an international acclaimed young hero who has proved with practical demonstration of how being kind and not mean will change the world a lot”,

Mr. Brown said.

For those people attending the International Mural Fest they will have an opportunity to watch Campbell making a special bear on Easter Sunday and Monday and participate in fun activities.

“I’m so excited to watch the murals come together to see how they show our Wonderful World”, said Campbell.

In the words of Sonya Whittaker, “It’s going to be a beautiful family weekend watching amazing work to be completed demonstrating such a beautiful message to children and adults. I’m very proud to have the opportunity to be Ambassador of such an incredible event with an inspirational message it aligns beautifully with Campbell’s vision, hopes, dreams and passion”.

The Ambassadors will open International Mural Fest on Easter Sunday 1st April 2018 in Mural Park Sheffield at 1.00pm.

Click here to see a full details of Cambell’s project