Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism is excited to announce Mural Fest will be taking place between Monday 7th November and Friday 11th November 2022.

This year nine artists from around Tasmania will be selected to paint a mural over a five-day period based on the theme ‘The Place I Call Home’. Two prizes will be awarded, The People’s Choice Award ($7000) and the Highly Commended Award ($2000). These murals will remain on display in Mural Park for eleven months until the murals are relocated to the towns they represent, forming Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism’s newest initiative, the ‘Tasmanian Mural Trail’. This unique mural trail will begin and end in Sheffield and will showcase the special characteristics that towns around Tasmania call their own.

Tasmanian councils and arts groups are encouraged to seek out and sponsor an artist to paint a mural representing their town or region at Mural Fest, a mural which will find its home in the town it represents and will form part of the ‘Tasmanian Mural Trail’.

Inspiration for the artwork can be drawn from regional and rural Tasmania whether it is the physical or human characteristics of a place (landscapes, flora, fauna), the human characteristics such as culture, the built environment, or industries rich in history such as produce, wine, agriculture, and fishing. Identifying emotive bonds and attachments to ‘The Place I Call Home’ will provide towns in Tasmania with their own beautiful mural to take pride of place for the local community and visiting public to enjoy.

Mural Fest is committed to creating an annual event which contributes to the unique interest of the ‘Town of Murals’ by providing emerging and established artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents in a public forum, assisting in their artistic growth and development, and promoting mural art as a valued art form.

International Mural Fest, a prestigious event on the international arts calendar will take place in 2023 as part of the 20th year anniversary celebrations.

Entry Fees

Single Entry: $5

Weekly Entry: $10

Child 16 and Under:
Free of Charge