What is Mural Fest?

The International Mural Fest is a truly unique art competition held annually in Sheffield – the ‘Town of Murals’, in Tasmania, Australia.  Commencing Easter Sunday every year, Mural Fest is so successful that similar events are now happening interstate and overseas.

Each year, nine artists compete in a public ‘paint off’ from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday. Each artist must complete a 2100mm x 4800mm mural, using the same poem as their mural’s central theme and inspiration. Each year a new poem is selected, meaning no two Mural Fests are ever the same.

The competition is conducted in Mural Park – Sheffield’s very own outdoor art gallery in the heart of Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain touring region.

Mural Fest tests artistic skill, endurance and tenacity: artists are subjected to public scrutiny, time constraints and sometimes unpredictable Tasmanian weather!

At the end of the paint off week, a panel of qualified judges decides the

The $15,000 Inder Prize Sponsored by Davies Construction. The Judges also decide the winner of the $5,000 Glencoe Country B&B Highly Commended Award.
During the paint off week, visitors and supporters who come to Mural Park to view the progress are encouraged to vote for their favourite artwork. At the end of the week, the artist whose painting receives the most votes is awarded the $2,000 “Slaters Country Store Award“.

What happens after Mural Fest?

All murals remain on display in Mural Park until the next year’s Mural Fest.

People who visit Sheffield during this period delight in viewing the completed murals. Visitors can also vote for their favourite artwork, but this time the vote is conducted over the 12 month period. The artist whose painting receives the most votes over this extended period is awarded The NOVA Design and Print $1,000 Award.

And every one who votes during the year goes into the draw to win a beautiful “Work of Art That Heats” from DMS Energy worth $3,000.
With the exception of the winning mural, all other murals are available for sale. For any enquiries, please click here to contact us.

How are the nine Mural Fest artists selected?

In the months leading up to Mural Fest, expressions of interest are submitted by artists.

Artists must complete a miniature of their proposed mural and all entries are forwarded to the three arts professionals who have been selected to judge. Nine finalists are selected by the judges and those artists are invited to take part in the public paint off.

For more information about entering Mural Fest, see our Entry Form.

Why a Mural Fest?

Sheffield is internationally renowned as Australia’s ‘Town of Murals’.
Since the first mural was commissioned in 1986, more than 60 other permanent murals have followed, all with a common theme around the history of this beautiful, idyllic part of Tasmania. These murals are based on real characters – pioneers, farmers, community leaders – and real stories and events of the past.

Tasmazia’s International Mural Fest was founded by Brian Inder of Tasmazia to provide unique and contemporary public artworks that complement the Town of Mural’s colourful landscape and ensure that visitors have something new to see each year.

For over 10 years Mural Fest has been run by a dedicated band of volunteers and is gratefully supported by local businesses and businesses from around the state.