Each year Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism seeks sponsorship support from the Kentish Municipality and surrounding areas for Mural Fest. If your business is passionate about local art events and providing emerging and established artists with an opportunity to showcase their talents in a public forum, several sponsorship packages are available.

The generous support received over the years has enabled Mural Fest to grow and develop while promoting mural art as a valued art form. By sponsoring Mural Fest, in addition to assisting artists in their artistic growth and development, you will be contributing to the unique interest of ‘The Town of Murals’ and the establishment of the ‘Tasmanian Mural Trail’.

As we look forward to 2023 and our 20th Anniversary Celebration, we can’t help but be excited to welcome back international artists to Sheffield in person or via a digital platform embracing new interactive technology.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor, please phone 0427 475 113 or email info@muralfest.com.au.