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Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism is very excited to announce Mural Fest will be taking place between Sunday 3rd November and Saturday 9th November 2024.

Nine artists will be selected from entries from Australia and around the world to each paint a mural over a 6 ½ day period based on the inspired theme, ‘The Magic of the Minuscule’. Conducted in Mural Park, Sheffield’s very own ‘Outdoor Art Gallery,’ Mural Fest will continue to test an artist’s skills, endurance, and tenacity while subjecting them to public scrutiny, time constraints and Tasmania’s unpredictable weather.

Three prizes will be awarded, The People’s Choice Award ($10,000), Judges Highly Commended-Award ($5,000) and the Volunteers Award ($1,000).

‘We are looking forward to a diversity of interpretation of this year’s theme and are encouraging artists to really stretch their imagination,’ commented Sandy Brattstrom, President of Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism.

‘Mural artists thinking about entering Mural Fest should visit and download an Entry Form,’ Sandy continued, ‘with entries due by the 30th August 5pm AEST’.

To stay up to date with all the latest Mural Fest information, stay connected to Mural Fest on Instagram and FB and visit

Mural Fest 2023 – Winners Announced


The nine Finalists raced to the finish line with brushes down on Saturday 11th November at 4pm. After painting for six consecutive days from the early hours of the morning into the evenings, a sense of a surreal accomplishment and joy filled Mural Park in Sheffield.

President of Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism, Sandy Brattstrom commented ‘It was wonderful watching the artists progressing their murals inspired by ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ over the six days as they raced towards the finishing line – their murals evolving as the finer details were added.’

The winners were announced Saturday afternoon, shortly after ‘Brushes Down’, with the artists and their families joined by sponsors, special guests, Mural Fest volunteers, and members of the public.

Inder Prize – People’s Choice Award – $15,000

‘The Spirit of Adventure’

By Kerry Nicholson assisted by Malcolm Nicholson (QLD)

Sponsored by Working Arts Space Sheffield

Mural Description:

A fantastical scene of pioneer balloonists through a child’s eyes, perhaps an explorer’s son envisioning his future adventures. Adventure to me, echoes childhood’s enchantment: from tales like Jeremiah Johnson; It’s the boundless curiosity in young hearts. While not an adventurer, I’ve voyaged vast mental landscapes, never outgrowing youthful daydreams.

People’s Choice Runner-Up Award – $5000

Sponsored by Slaters Country Store

‘Everyday A New Adventure’

By Patricia Smart assisted by Olaf Grohs (NSW)

Sponsored by Sheffield Pioneer Holiday Units

Mural Description:

Children encapsulate the spirit of adventure. To them, the natural world is big, amazing, and exciting. I wanted to capture this spirit felt by children as they explore and experience the adventure that is life.

‘Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism would like to thank all our sponsors led by Davies Design & Construction for their most generous support of Mural Fest this year, our wonderful volunteers for giving of their time so freely and enthusiastically and once again congratulate our nine extraordinary artists.’ This year’s success belongs to you all.’

The murals will remain on display at Mural Park in Sheffield over the next eleven months. 

Save The Date – Mural Fest 2024 – 4th – 9th November

Foreground image featuring three paint containers: brown butter, pomegranate red, and crimson red, along with a paintbrush holder containing used brushes on a table covered in paint strokes. In the background, a painting depicts a serene body of water reflecting mountains.

Make Your Mark On Mural Fest 2023

Make your mark on Mural Fest’s 20th Year and ‘Paint-A-Square’ based on this year’s theme ‘The Spirit of Adventure’.

While artists are busily painting their murals in Mural Park, you can ‘Paint-A-Square’ on a full-size mural in Workshop 1 at the Sheffield Arts Centre and have some fun in a creative environment.

‘It’s not every day we get to celebrate twenty years of an iconic event in our town, so what better way than to get creative and leave your mark on this special occasion,’ President of Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism commented.

Open 9am to 4pm from Monday 6th November to Saturday 11th November (until the squares are all painted), people of all ages are welcome. Best to make a booking so you don’t miss out. Phone 0427 475 113 or email However, if space is available you can paint on the day. The cost is $10 per square with funds supporting Mural Fest.

So pick up a paint brush, dream big, let your creativity shine, and inspire others with your interpretation of the ‘The Spirit of Adventure’. And, have fun while leaving your mark on Mural Fest 2023.


Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism is delighted to announce the nine Finalists for Mural Fest 2023.

  • Gren Freeman (TAS)
  • Brooklyn Jaxx (TAS)
  • Steve Monk assisted by Carole Monk (VIC)
  • Kerry and Malcolm Nicholson (QLD)
  • Marion Robertson assisted by Naomi Robertson (TAS)
  • Patricia Smart assisted by Olaf Grohs (NSW)
  • Marc Spijkerbosch assisted by Tracey Lee Cassin (NZ)
  • Chenchen Wang (VIC)
  • Fong-Jhu, Wu assisted by Yu-Cheng, Guo (TAS)

Sandy Brattstrom, President of Kentish Arts Commerce and Tourism commented, “We have a great line up of incredibly talented artists from New Zealand and around Australia who will create an exciting and competitive Mural Fest competition in November”.

“There will be a mix of familiar faces and newcomers painting who will create nine murals based on the theme ‘The Spirit of Adventure’. Over the course of six days, Mural Fest will test the artists’ skills, endurance and tenacity while subjecting them to public scrutiny, time constraints and Tasmania’s unpredictable weather. All artists will be challenged.”

“We hope you will join us at Mural Park as we cheer the artists on at ‘Paint Off’ that will mark the start of the competition at 9am on Monday 6th November and as we countdown to ‘Brushes Down’ at the end of the competition at 4pm on Saturday 11th November,” Sandy continued.

Throughout Mural Fest the public will be encouraged to vote for their favourite mural, with two awards being presented at the Awards Ceremony on Saturday 11th November at 5pm – The People’s Choice Award Inder Prize ($15,000) and the People’s Choice Runner-Up Award ($5,000) sponsored by Slaters Country Store.

“We’re looking forward to a great event in November with lots of activities taking place in the leadup to and during Mural Fest including ‘Paint A Square’ on the Spirit of Adventure Mural at the Sheffield Arts Centre, the Spirit of Adventure Through the Lens Photography Contest, the Spirit of Adventure Kids Art Contest, a Virtual Reality Demonstration Mural Painting Event and Working Arts Space Sheffield’s ‘Warm is the Colour’ Exhibition at the Sheffield Art Gallery.”

Mural Fest 2023 is taking place between Monday 6th November and Saturday 11th November at Mural Park in Sheffield from 9am to 4pm. Open to the public and free of charge, we’re encouraging everyone to join in the fun at Mural Park, vote for your favourite mural and help us celebrate 20 years of Mural Fest in Sheffield. For more information visit