The 2020 Davies Construction International Mural Fest team is excited to announce that the three murals from the mainland Artists Keith and Loretta Sommer, Damian Cazaly and Steve Monk arrived in Mural Park Sheffield on Friday 15 January 2021 @ 11.00am. They are mounted on the boards ready for the Judging day Monday 8 March 2021. The 2020
Mural Fest was held in November 2020 across three states due to the effects of COVID 19 but the judging was held off till all Murals were in the park.

The Mural Fest Team wants to thank Mick Black for his keen assistance in obtaining the Murals and transporting them to Tasmania.

The funding for this logistical accomplishment has been provided by the Tasmanian Government through their Event Ready Grants provided by Events Tasmania.