It is with a great deal of excitement that we announce the nine finalists for the International Mural Fest 2016, which includes three entrants from overseas, Canada, U.S.A. and Poland.

Also we have first time finalists from Tasmania along with the established crowd favourites having made the cut which round out the finalists.

It is our vision to have the best Mural artists in the world come to Sheffield to this unique competition. Therefore with entrants on the same level as previous years in numbers and quality from across mainland states, Tasmania, other countries such as India, Argentina & New Zealand this trend is welcomed.

I believe our Mural artists are as good as any in the world however it would be great to see it not just say it.

Artist Finalists 2016 International Mural Fest

Julian Bale Tasmania

Gren Freeman Tasmania

Aileen Gough Tasmania and Karen Armstrong Tasmania

Wei Luan Canada

Kerry Nicholson Queensland and Daniel Nicholson Queensland

Monika Prus Poland

Frances Rowland Wregg Queensland and Yannick Martin New South Wales

Patricia Smart New South Wales and Ollie Grohs New South Wales and Ben Munk New South Wales

Eleanor Yates United States of America

International Mural Fest 2016 Media Release