Joint Ambassadors For International Mural Fest 2018

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Poetry Slam 2018

Each year the International Mural Fest competition entries are the artist’s interpretation of the winning poem if you would like your poem to be the inspiration for the 2019 International Mural Fest artists, then we want to hear from you.”

“The poem must be four (4) lines and include the theme ‘Beauty Surrounds Us’.”

Please include your […]

Finalists International Mural Fest 2018

It is a pleasure to announce the nine (9) finalists for the International Mural Fest 2018

International Mural Fest 2018 Finalists:
Crystal Barbre – United States of America
Damian Cazaley – Victoria
Gren Freeman – Queensland
Gwendal Larher and Jack Buzelin – France and Tasmania
Fereleth Lee & Jacqueline La Cava –  Tasmania & New South Wales
 Annette Matthews – […]

2018 Theme Poem by Annie Willock

Magnificent nature, history and arts
Let’s lay down our weapons and open our hearts
We’ll all come together with flags unfurled
And celebrate our wonderful world.
Annie Willock

Mural Fest 2016

International Mural Fest 2016 Finalists

Julian Bale Tasmania
Gren Freeman Tasmania
Aileen Gough Tasmania and Karen Armstrong Tasmania
Wei Luan Canada
Kerry Nicholson Queensland and Daniel Nicholson Queensland
Monika Prus Poland
Frances Rowland Wregg Queensland and Yannick Martin New South Wales
Patricia Smart New South Wales and Ollie Grohs New South Wales and Ben Munk New South Wales
Eleanor Yates United States of America
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International Mural Fest 2016 Media Release


It is with a great deal of excitement that we announce the nine finalists for the International Mural Fest 2016, which includes three entrants from overseas, Canada, U.S.A. and Poland.

Also we have first time finalists from Tasmania along with the established crowd favourites having made the cut which round […]

Gallery 2015

2016 Theme by Karen Oborn

Reflections of time recall the past
Full of images we hope will last,
Memory retreats with gathering speed,
Future shines promising our every need.

Karen Oborn

2015 Mural Fest Finalists

International Mural Fest 2015
Patricia Smart & Olly Grohs Bullaburra – NSW
Gren Freeman Howrah – Tas
Frances Rowland Wregg & Yannick Martin Westlake – Qld & Yamba NSW
Nikolay B Dimitrov & Daniel N Dubarov (SuperGteam ) – Bulgaria Europe
Lindsay Gardam Sheffield – Tas
Judy U & Jon Nelson Westbury – Tas
Alicia Swiderski & Dorota Swiderski Sheffield – Tas […]