Auction of large Murals Sheffield Mural Park 2017, time TBA

The murals listed below will be auctioned before Muralfest 2017 at a time TBA.

The murals are all 2.1mtrs high 4.8 mtrs wide in 4 panels(2 @1.2×2.4 2 @ 0.9×2.4)

Please register to bid on the day. Credit card facilities will be available.

If you want to phone bid please be aware that you must be registered to bid prior to 12th March contact Des Brown 0429911517 for reigistration form.

All murals are sold ‘as is where they are ‘and they must be removed by the purchaser by the date agreed, which is still TBA

All the murals are the property of the Sheffield International Muralfest committee; all funds raised will go toward the development of the Muralfest and the Sheffield Mural Park.

Wish upon a dream mural

LOT 1 Wish Upon a Dream
artist: Patricia Smart & Olly Grohs
concept: The child is a symbol of hope, filled with plentiful resources of Tasmania. She makes a wish by blowing on a dandelion as the gentle wind forms the clouds into an ever-changing dreamscape. The scene unfolding is framed by a window between daydream and sleep.

Boy and His Dreams Mural

LOT 2 Boy and His Dreams
artist: Lindsay Gardam
concept: Gazing out over the ocean. What is out there past the land of plenty, wondrous things adventure in exotic lands. Winds of change blow through the pages of imaginations. Camel to 4×4. In the land of hope and plenty wish can be more than just a dream.

Moon Dream Mural

LOT 3 Moon Dream
artist: Glen Freeman
concept: In a land of plenty where dreams and wishes can come true, immigrants arrive with only their suitcases and hopes for a better life. From the cities to the outback. From the coral reefs to the snow on cradle mountain, we live together peacefully.

Soul Searching Mural

LOT 4 Soul Searching
artist: Yannick Martin and Frances Rowland Wregg  concept: From a place of hope and plenty, forests and farms, Gothic grandeur of mountains, splendour of stars, we’re always searching for ‘soul’ within our life, Creating myths, legends to explain what’s wrong – what’s right. We’ve testaments and epics for Man’s story through time, Yet we still go on searching for Inner Self – “Divine”. If eyes, then, are windows to the ‘soul’ contained within, Let searching wind soon find us, so dreaming can begin.

A little rabbits tale mural

LOT 5 A Little Rabbits Tale
artist: Judy U & Jon Nelson
concept: This mural is an adaptation from the classic childrens book, The Velveteen Rabbit written in 1922 by Margery Williams. It describes the bond reciprocated between a child and his favourite soft toy, and the conflicting emotions experienced when circumstances change. The story’s content (how toys become real) engages the audience by juxtaposing typography with visuals, therefore reinforcing the theme ‘Windows of Our Dreams’.

LOT 6 Chrysalis Dreaming
artist: Dorota Swiderski & Alicia Swiderski
concept: Time is continuum of change; And we are but an element of its journey. Within this journey exists a cycle of life. As day follows night; So too a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis; Capturing the dreams, vibrancy, energy and spirit of life renewed.

Hope and Plenty's Gift of Fantasy

LOT 7 Hope and Plenty’s Gift of Fantasy
artist: Fereleth Lee & Jane Lemon
concept: With her dog “Olli” as companion, a sleeping child sails away on an enchanted journey where illusion and magic are only a wish away. Her dreams are realised in the Land of “Hope” and “Plenty” until time runs out, and she awakens beside her paper boats.

Beyond the Barriers mura

LOT 8 Beyond the Barriers
artist: Herb Herring
concept: In our material world we tend to build barriers which inhibit our ability to see beyond the walls which enclose us.  To look beyond our physical presence, opens our minds to the beauty and majesty of the world around us, and , a little imagination can open a world of dreams.